Best Roti Maker Reviews (Chapati Maker Reviews) in India

Best Roti Maker Reviews (Chapati Maker Reviews) in India

Best Roti maker reviews: Ever tried making perfectly round chapatis? Hell of a job, isn’t it? It is really tough to make round chapatis unless you have years of experience. Some people even prefer to order chapatis from restaurants. I personally know many people who tried their hand at making round chapatis, got frustrated and ultimately failed. Well, where there is a need, inventions always follow! Roti Makers have been created to make round roti in no time! It has solved the issue of uncooked chapatis due to improper shape and reduced the time of making chapatis for even the most experienced ones!

If you have guests coming over, then even the most experienced ones get burdened with the pace t which the chapatis are required at the dinner table! You make one, and in the meantime, two voices call out that they need more! This is normal. But now that you know, you’ll be able to rely on Roti Makers for quick and perfectly round chapatis!

But with a market full of similar products, one gets confused while making a choice. So, as you have decided to buy one best Roti Maker, which one would you choose? I same question came into my mind while buying Roti maker. I read many best Roti maker reviews or Chapati maker reviews whatever you call it, all of them end up confusing me. Well, we care for our readers and can’t see them in such dilemmas! So we have compiled a list of the 10 best Roti Makers according to Amazon reviews! Take a look!

What is a Roti Maker (Chapati Maker) & how it works?

What you really have to understand here is that, this machine works with pressure and heat. You place the dry dough ball on the maker, and just close the lid, applying pressure. Being an electronic machine, it gets incredibly hot in no time, and the pressure applied with such a hot surface starts to cook the dough up!

The amount of pressure you apply will determine the size of the chapati. The width can also vary with pressure. If you want slim chapatis, you should put less dough and more pressure and if you want best thick chapatis, you can do the opposite! You don’t need to worry about your dough sticking to the lid of the roti maker, since most of the manufacturers of such devices use American Non-Stick Coating on the surface of their lids! This coating is the same that you see in premium and expensive Kadhais!

The options that we have selected for you also strictly adhere to this industry standard since it is a very important feature to have in a roti maker! What to consider before buying any Roti Maker.

Top 10 best Roti Maker reviews (Chapati Maker Review) of 2019

1. Prestige PRM 4.0 Roti Maker  (Free demo CD)

Prestige PRM 4.0 best Roti Maker

Prestige is one of the most popular companies in manufacturing kitchen utensils. And Prestige hasn’t fail to impress us again with top quality Roti maker that makes roti in no time. What makes it unique from all the other products on the market is the Adjustable Temperature Knob! As a beginner, you are going to have a little bit of trouble with your appliance. You will sometimes make uncooked chapatis and sometimes you’ll go on and burn them! It will take some time to learn how to handle the temperature of the Roti Maker. The Adjustable Knob on Prestige takes care of that for you. You can easily adjust the temperature to cook it at your desired pace.

Not only this, it comes with a free demo CD that will teach you every detail about using the appliance, from recipes to precautions! Although to warn you promptly, we did encounter some bad reviews about this one where people were not really satisfied and didn’t find their money’s worth.

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2. Hilton Roti Maker (Multi-Utility) With Stainless Steel Lid

Hilton Roti best Maker (Multy-Utility) With Stainless Steel Li

This awesome Roti Maker comes from the brand that is endorsed by our very own, our favorite and our trusted, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor! So the quality is quite warranted, I’d say! Most of the products of my house are of Hilton. Why do we suggest this Roti Maker? Well, it’s possibly the most versatile Roti Maker on this list which would allow you to not only make best rotis but also allow you bake  Pizzas, grill sandwiches, make bhaji & more. Don’t believe me? Well, head to it’s Amazon page and you’ll be surprised to see it’s pictures.

This Roti Maker comes with the best in class Nonstick coating with an oval deep which allows you cook bhaji quickly on this roti maker. The Oval shape upper part creates perfect shape of Rotis & best for Pizzas as well.

The feature that makes it so attractive & best working is the product’s quality & finishing. Each and every part is designed perfectly. If you are fond of black coated utensils, this must be the perfect choice for you! This product comes with 1 year warranty & a cool handle. This is completely shockproof and has features like automatic temperature control, Overheating protection, etc.

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3. BAJAJ VACCO “Go-Ezzee” Chapati/ Roti/Khakhra Maker

BAJAJ VACCO best Roti Maker Review


Bajaj is well known for its quality in home appliances. Seeing the market evolve to Roti Makers, it came out with its own version which ultimately proved to be faster and more effective in making perfectly round chapatis!

As suggested in the name itself, it lets you work easily and make those rotis for your family, without approaching to it as a burden! You won’t be tired at all, even after making rotis for a whole family! This also comes with an adjustable temperature knob which lets you control the temperature of the maker, so that you don’t overcook the chapattis. Also included, is a demo CD, and we all know how useful that can be. No one is born with the knowledge of everything. One sees and learns, and that’s exactly what Bajaj expects you to do. It also comes with a One Year Warranty!

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4. Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker (Discontinued)

Jaipan Jumbo best Roti Maker Review

You probably have already heard of Jaipan. It is a home appliance brand that has quickly developed trust among the Indian audience. And thus, you won’t doubt us when we say, that is manufacturing one of the best Roti Makers in India. With its grid, non-stick surface coated with “Greblon Gamma” from Weilburger, Germany, this Roti Maker stand out from all other in the market.

This is completely shock proof & consumes around 1000W of power & operating voltage is around 230-240V. A reviewer on Amazon who used it for 5 months went on to say that he saved an extra 130rs in his electricity bill amount. This shows that the appliance is not a power sucker. It works like a charm & anyone can make Rotis very easily. The best part about this Roti Maker is that you can even make crispy Khakras & Rolls too!

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5. Sunflame RM1 Roti Maker

SunFlame Best Roti Maker buy online on Amazon and Flipkart

Sunflame is one of the market leaders when it comes to home appliances and if you thought that it was going to stay behind in creating such a useful and widely used product, well then you were mistaken! It has created a Roti Maker with such a design that heats the whole roti uniformly and does not let it stay uncooked on the sides as is the case with many of the competitors in the market.

It also includes food grade non-stick coating which, according to us, is a very essential feature when it comes to roti makers, because well, if the roti keeps sticking to your lid, it will not only increase your work but also will degrade the quality of food! It comes with a 1 year warranty which might be very useful in case your appliance stops working after some time!

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6. Eveready RM1001 900-Watt Roti Maker

Eveready Roti Maker

Eveready Roti Maker

Although we understand that Eveready is not precisely a home appliance brand and inclusion of its products in a “Best Roti maker” list, might be going a little overboard, but what you have to understand is that underdogs surprise you the most! And this product form Eveready has enough features to make it qualify as an underdog!

First of all, the company’s willingness to cater to the home appliance market and its faith on its own products, can both be seen in the Warranty period of this appliance! With such a long warranty on a product that rarely has warranties by manufacturers, it has set quite a benchmark! Such a long period of warranty lets you steer clear of any worries regarding the quality, since, there is always the option of claiming the warranty!

This product from Eveready is an energy saver with a 900W intake and also has non stick plates inside! Easy press handle, Indicator light are some of the other useful features in this product!

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7. EAGLE Roti Maker

All said and done, when it comes to quality, you know you can always count on India’s favorite brand, Eagle! You know that their products come out to be exactly of the quality they claimed it would, neither more nor less. Its roti maker has created quite a few waves in the market with its stainless steel finish and impeccable design. In fact, other local brands, are looking up to this design from eagle to copy from!

It is fully automatic and does everything for you on its own. Whether it be setting the temperature or applying the right pressure! It uniformly heats your roti to make it perfect for when guests bombard your house with their big appetite!

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8. Favy Roti Maker

Favy Eagle made life Roti maker buy online

Favy is an up and coming brand in the Indian market and it has come with a roti maker of its own. It has a fully stainless steel finish with a touch of contrast by a black handle in the middle! The thing about this product that made me include it in this list is that it is really heavy duty and shock proof! You know that your appliances, however well kept, are bound to be the subject of falls from either your children playing in the house or your own carelessness. Thus what you need is a heavy duty roti maker that does not break when it falls!

It also comes with a demo CD and recipe book to make life easier for you!

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9. MOLO Roti Maker

MOLO 900W Non-Stick Coated Roti Maker

MOLO is a brand that is putting a lot of efforts in increasing its sales! It is sponsoring ads on amazon and it has hired its own R and D team. From my perspective, you can always count on an underdog company which is trying to get market share because their primary goal is to get long lasting customers, so they do not sacrifice on the quality!

Its roti maker has a unique look with a black charcoal finish which makes it perfect to keep in your house. You can make omelets as well as chillas in this appliance. But you’ll have to be careful not to touch the tawa when it is plugged in! The best thing is that you can even fry your aloo tikki on its pan! It comes with a manual too!

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10. Libra Athena Roti Maker

STARVIN® Eagle Quality Roti Maker reviews

The thing that could compel you to buy this product is its worth of money. For only 1200 bucks, you not only get a roti maker, but also a dough maker that will make your life easier in the kitchen! It is a heavy duty roti maker, so you can count on it to not break everytime it slips from your hand.

It has food grade non-stick coating so your Roti won’t stick to the tawa. It also comes with a manual to walk you through the instructions for using the roti maker as well as the dough maker.

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How to make Rotis in Roti Maker / Chapati Maker?

Why you need a Roti Maker (Chapati Maker)?

The importance of a Roti Maker need not be iterated. One obviously has to hustle every day to make food for the family. This appliance helps in reducing this hustle! You make the chapatis twice as fast and so perfectly round that they seem to be made by a professional! Your family stays happy and more importantly, you stay happy!

While it is, of course very useful for a housewife, it is also of great use to a bachelor living out of his house in a different city! We know how difficult it gets when you stay out of your house. Having to make the food by yourself, even after working laboriously for hours, is a mammoth task in itself. And when you get the shape of the chapatis wrong, which is almost every time; it gets a lot more frustrating. So, imagine what it would be like if you had a machine that took care of that job for you and required you to do minimal work!

If you need to understand the importance of a Roti Maker for your mom, you really need to take a long hard look at her going at it, over working her body. If a simple appliance reduces her work by such loads, it is not really hard to guess what you will be gifting your mom on her birthday this year! If your mother suffers from weak bones or she feels pain in her hand joints or if you are bachelor who is novice in cooking, I would suggest you to buy a Roti Maker. The process of creating round Rotis doesn’t feel much for few quantity but you realise the real pain while making many rotis which happens in big families. While many of use don’t know, our Moms tend to push their body’s working capacity while performing their household work. Roti Maker has proven to be a boon for housewives all over the world. You won’t understand the pain of making round rotis unless & until to try to make one.

Since you have decided to buy one for your mother, friend or for yourself, you don’t need to compare Roti makers from every Shopping site because most of use don’t know which product to choose & what kind of raw materials used are long lasting. One wrong choice & you may end up loosing hopes from Roti maker as 40% of Roti Maker buyers do! Just because they have bought the wrong product & their rotis are not as they expected, they think Roti Makers are crap & are ways to loot people. But hold on, being a Mechanical engineer, I have studied through various machines & how they work. I was in hostel for 4 yrs & I was not fortunate enough who knew about it. But one day I thought to buy one for my mother. After detailed investigation, I came up with the Roti makers reviews that works like charm!

Roti maker is good or bad?

Most of the people start blaming the Roti maker appliance once they fail in making proper chapatis. I can make proper round rotis with a 1000rs Roti maker. So it completely depends on your skills. Just like every other task, this too takes time to expertise in it. So just calm down & try to practice for some time before returning the roti maker. You might feel happy later on, once you become a pro in making chapatis. The making of rotis won’t differ from Roti Maker to Roti Maker, all that is required is skills to understand & implementing guides as per given.

It is very good product .It makes roti very nicely. But you have to follow the instructions given with the product. It will definitely take time to perfection. But it will definitely make your task easier. You can make puri while the machine is off n fry them on stove.